Dogs have helped humans survive for thousands of years.
It’s time to return the favor.

The person that fundraises the most money will …

The person or “Pack” that raises the most money will be acknowledged on race day and given the Top Dog Award.
Register for the Race to Start your Fundraiser!

Here’s your challenge: Raise $100 before race day! A portion of every race registration fee and 100% of all money raised go to benefit the animals at the shelter.


UltiMutt’s Greenville, SC event will donate to Greenville County Animal Care, a high volume shelter in Greenville, SC.

Your donations will go towards providing food and medical care to the dogs & cats that come into the Greenville County Animal Care Shelter in an effort to get them rehabilitated from homelessness and adopted into loving homes.


Greenville County Animal Care accepts all dog breeds and all injured animals they are able to treat. Because of this, they are the largest shelter in Upstate South Carolina. They receive over 10,000 animals every year! (And they could really use your help!)

• $50 covers cost of an exam and x-rays for an injured animal

• $100 pays for ten animals to receive medicine

• $250 provides a shelter dog or cat with life-saving surgery

• $550 pays for a heartworm treatment for a medium sized dog

Sponsor a Shelter Dog

The following pups were sponsored by local businesses to run the UltiMutt Race with a shelter-approved volunteer. The volunteer & pup enjoy a kennel-free day of exercise, fresh air, and interaction with potential adopters! 100% of adoptable pups found homes on race day or shortly after. All proceeds from these Big Heart Sponsorships are donated to GVL Animal Care to support their animals’ medical & care needs.

How Can I donate to UltiMutt's partnering shelter?

It’s easy to collect and track your donations!
See tips on setting up your unique page below.


If you’ve collected cash donations, you can deposit that into your personal bank account and make an online payment of that amount on your fundraising page. An online payment will come directly to us.


Enter your card information here to make a secure payment.


Make the check out to Greenville County Animal Care and mail it to:

UltiMutt Race
P.O. Box 16331
Greenville, SC 29606


Get Set Up
After registering for the race, you will be prompted to set up your fundraising page and given the option to create a team name.

Tell Your Story
Use the “Story” section on your page to tell people why you’ve decided to take part in UltiMutt Race and raise money for Partners in Animal Care. Don’t be afraid to be creative – you could write your story as if it were coming from your dog! A different perspective may encourage more donations.

Add a Photo
Bring your page to life by uploading a profile picture. If your canine pal is also taking part, why not use a photo of the two of you? Once you’ve completed the event, you can add a photo with your medal and bandana looking proud to help boost donations.

Set a Personal Fundraising Goal
Pages with a fundraising target raise on average 45% more than those without. Decide on how much you want to raise (the minimum for this event is $100), set the target on your page and if you crush it before the event day, you can always increase it.

Share! Share Everywhere!
Be sure to share your page with your friends, family and colleagues on social media and through email. If you’re training daily with your dog feel free to regularly update your page with photos of your run and use it as an opportunity to ask for donations again.